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About design

I always thought that design was first about drawing. I liked a lot of things in design but if you asked me why, I couldn't say a word. So I was looking for an art school to improve my drawing skills, but it was a way too much expensive. Then I got my first job experience in design with my school in alternance. And I find out that design actually means a lot of things. In the compagny where I work they helped me a lot to improve the way I see things in design. I'm now able to give my opinion on what I see. Even if I'm not so good at it, it is always a great things to get to learn different things. It actually helped me cause when I see my first website now, I can easily say that I made progress.

About code

My first interest was in 3D animation, I play video games a lot and I was stunned by the way the characters moved, the environements, the luminosity, it was so close to reality. Here again the schools that teach 3D were expensive, but right now with webGL I restarted to think about it. My First approch to the code was : "how in the world can I learn that, this is some chinese's matter". Even if it was hard at first I found myself spending almost entire days on it. This is the way I am, when I found something that passioned me, I can stop doing it. I always loved interactivity in technology, keep people involved when they visiting your website with animation on click, on scroll, and other things, is for me a good way to improve the user experience, that why I planed to be a front end developper.

What I do?

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Due to my fist job experience where I was graphic designer, now I can say that I have good foundations in graphic design. I know how to use...

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Still learning but I can do good things with what I know right now. I'm expecting a lot of my formation, I want to be able to do awesome things that will impress myself and that I can't even imagine how to do right now. I can code in...

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About me

I'm a quick learner very passionate about what I do.
Always open to learn new things


Always thinking
about getting better