This is my very first jobs after I learned how to use illustrator.

Using inDesign I reproduced a layout made by a popular magazine

It is a photo editing that I've made for one page in my first website

One of my first job on adobe illustrator, I was trying to use new tools and to have some real effect on the car.

This was a team work, in the compagny where I work we needed something to embellish the offices. We decided to make posters with members of the compagny.

My first website 2 weeks after I discovered html css and js. On this website all js script aren't mine but I've been able to integrate it. That was on my favourite basketball team.

Here I was given a photoshop file with the sketch, I had to get all elements that I needed on the files and use it to recreate the sketch in html/css.

I was given html and css document with only positioning css and I had to make it look like something.

Here is a sketch for a music website, the job was to make the sketch first on illustrator then use css and html to integrate it.

I always wanted to work in video games, this is why I was so hyped with this little project. I made all the programation part and a my team mates took care of the visual part. Whit this project I was forced to make a lot of research on internet cause I had not enough logic in programmation and I was alone. It actualy improve a lot my skills in programation particulary in Javascript.